The earth was well dressed for this Washington Park wedding ceremony — what a stunning location, what exquisite flowers, what a magical day, and what an honor to be entrusted with capturing the love of this couple.

Kent Meireis captured some beautiful love in these photos…. The sun was so bright that day, but from his photos it’s clear Ken knows how to work with the blinding summer sunshine. Those flowers! (And yes, their future was so bright, I had to wear shades.)

Denver Wedding Officiant


They chose to work with me on a custom wedding ceremony. They had shared that there were many near-misses in their lives, so many times when the fates could have sent them in opposite directions, but instead, the fates intervened to make sure these two would meet, and fall in love.

“Serendipity, that kind of grace of being at the right place, at the right time, seems to have played a large role in your relationship. All those times you turned right, when you could have turned left. All those times you took the high road, when you could have taken the low road. The times when tragedy could have struck, and you were spared. The times when you walked away from a particular situation or particular job – that had you stayed, life would look completely different, and we might not be here today, celebrating this partnership. It makes one wonder, can it really be that the tiny serendipitous events and choices of our lives change everything?”

Denver Wedding Officiant


Truly a pleasure to work with these two on their Washington Park wedding ceremony. Here’s what the groom said about their experience:

Jen was nothing short of wonderful. Her energy and enthusiasm are completely contagious and her unique approach brought life, participation and unity into our wedding ceremony for both of us and all of our guests. Through the simple act of taking some time to get to know us through questionnaires and personal meetings, Jen managed to tailor our ceremony so it became a one-of-a-kind event that was memorable to everyone that attended. Through her own experiences, Jen provided us with just the right amount of invaluable coaching and sharing of ideas to make our wedding day very special. Jen was a joy to work with and we would not hesitate to recommend her to any couple that wished to find an officiant that works so hard at making your most important day full of love and happiness.