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A Love Letter to Your Life

Hot tip from a bonafide wedding officiant: your wedding ceremony can be extraordinary, not just the hurry up and get it over with part of the day. Your wedding day gives you an opportunity to thoughtfully pause and focus on what’s most important to you: your love, your story, your values, your worldview, and the community that supports and surrounds you. As a non-religious wedding officiant and ceremonialist, I love to create a feeling of reverence and awe and celebration, based on your unique worldview and story. Why not have your wedding ceremony be honest, connective, beautiful, and a whole lotta fun? What would it feel like if your ceremony was the best part of your wedding day? How might that impact your marriage?

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Beauty and Belonging

Mother Theresa once said “if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to one another.” Gatherings of all kinds can be a strong reminder that we are all in this dance of life together, and I like to think that a beautiful, authentic ceremony anchors that feeling of belonging… A thoughtful ceremony can summon a world into being where you are fully connected to your community, you get to express gratitude for all the ways life supports you, you get to highlight your own individual story, and also find your place within the vast continuum of life. What’s your intention for your gathering? What’s at the heart of it all? Does your wedding ceremony match the care and thought you’ve put in to the party?

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An Experience

“Jen is it! She is not only a spectacular wedding officiant, but also a guide, a friend, a vow-writing expert, and a generous heart. From discovery call to wedding day, you can just feel how invested and in-tune Jen is. She fully gets to know you and your partner, your story, and every hope, dream and wish you have for the most magical day. Jen is truly a gifted speaker, weaving words together that flow like a river. Everyone at our wedding came up to us and told us how our ceremony “wasn’t just a ceremony, it was an EXPERIENCE!” We felt utterly safe, held, known and loved by Jen.”

Wedding Officiant & Ceremonial Services

Colorado Elopement Ceremonies

I am committed to making sure your Colorado elopement (or micro wedding) feels easy, stress-free, and is stunningly beautiful. Just say no to assembly-line weddings — I want your day to feel intimate, unique, and to be an inspiring representation of your relationship. Elopement ceremonies are pure pressure-free delight — playful, joyous and fun. Let’s rock yours!.

Custom Wedding Ceremonies

Custom wedding ceremonies are the bomb. A perfect option for couples who are looking to slow down the wedding planning machine, and enjoy a bit of a heart centered process as they approach their wedding day.  It is so worth it to pause and take some time for reflection — you’ll end up with a deeply intimate, beautifully honest and joyously engaging custom ceremony!

Bilingual Wedding Officiant

Make sure you include all your guests!  I speak Spanish fluently, and love weaving Spanish and English into a beautiful ceremony. A wonderful way to honor your lineage and diverse upbringing.  I am fluent in Spanish and English, but I am always open to including any languages I can, with a lot of pronunciation practice. Let’s make your wedding ceremony as rich as it can be!

Self Uniting Marriage

Looking to self solemnize in Colorado and need some help on structuring your self uniting marriage ceremony? Even if you’re planning on just the two of you at your nuptials, it is so valuable to take the time to plan a real ceremony for yourselves.  Sharing vows is a start, but so much more is possible. I’ve put together some robust resources and ideas to get you on your way.

Baby Blessings & Welcomings

A ceremony to welcome a new earthling might be the sweetest of all. For those of us who are not religious, we might feel a bit of a loss when we don’t create our own versions of traditional newborn ceremonies. Let’s fill your little one with all the good juju, surrounded by the village that will love them up and support them through life. It takes a village… and a ceremony!

Funerals & Memorials

A lovingly and well crafted funeral, memorial, or end of life celebration is an essential foundation upon which your grieving & healing journey is built.  It is my honor to create a custom funeral, memorial, or end of life celebration that is a true reflection of the deceased, that gives you and your community the sense of sharing a moment that is sacred and real.

Hello and welcome, welcome!

I am Jen, an earthling, a life form among billions, and I’m a Colorado wedding officiant and ceremonialist.

Fundamental-ish Notions:  The universe is vast, I have no idea what’s going on, the earth is exquisite, the human and more-than-human realms are deeply interconnected in ways I can barely comprehend, our time is limited, choose love, choose kindness, choose unity, let’s make some beauty while we’re here.

Current fave thought: “Our goal should be to live life in radical amazement… get up in the morning and look at the world in a way that takes nothing for granted. Everything is phenomenal; everything is incredible; never treat life casually. To be spiritual is to be amazed.” -Abraham Joshua Heschel

Services include: Custom wedding ceremonies, earth based ceremonies, Colorado elopement ceremonies, vow coaching, healing & threshold ceremonies, baby blessings & welcomings.

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Word on the Street

Winner of “Best Of Weddings & Couples’ Choice Awards” since 2015
Wedding Wire & The Knot

Two time winner of Best Bespoke Wedding Officiant Colorado from Lux Life Global Wedding Awards

As a wedding photographer I knew as soon as I got engaged that Jen would be the one to officiate our ceremony. I’ve heard many ceremonies and Jen’s by far are my favorite. Jen is welcoming, calming, and kind. She handcrafted our ceremony with the utmost intention and truly honored our love story. She really listens and cares about the couples she works with. I can’t say it enough that ceremony does matter on a wedding day. Wedding days fly by for the bride and groom and honestly the ceremony is what I remember the most. My husband and I were so present in that part of the day and it was extra special thanks to Jen. ~KM

I recently attended one of the most memorable, unique and heartfelt wedding ceremonies I’ve ever been to. It inspired me more than I ever thought possible and its impact is still with me. Each ritual element was beautifully updated for a modern couple who doesn’t want the “usual” traditions. Participating made me feel like we had all been given a special gift to take with us.  ~BG


We could not have been happier with the ceremony. The special thing about Jen is that she creates a ceremony that is personal and heart-felt, as if she has known you forever. She makes sure to get to know you and your relationship story. In this way she writes your ceremony as if she were family, while being incredibly well spoken and captivating. Jen getting to know us led us to think about ourselves and our future, and that sort of relaxed reflection was so meaningful to us leading up to our wedding. Our guests told us over and over again that the ceremony was the most heart-warming ceremony they had ever attended. ~JC

The ceremony was without question our favorite part of the wedding. It was spectacular. You did such a great job preparing us for what to expect, leading us through the vow writing process, and grounding us in the moment. We felt prepared, excited, and surrounded by love and support. I was blown away by how many people shared how authentic, honest, and heart-full the ceremony was. Weeks later, people are still talking about how beautiful the ceremony was. ~KB

"The only cure I know is a good ceremony." -Leslie Marmon Silko