Colorado Elopement Ceremonies & Micro Weddings

Who wouldn’t want a Colorado elopement ceremony? Whether you choose to elope in a park in Denver, or a beautiful location in the Boulder foothills, or deeper into the mountains of Colorado, you are guaranteed an amazing backdrop. There are many folks who are choosing to go a simpler route, and having an intimate elopement ceremony is the perfect choice.

I love the beauty and minimalism of elopements and micro weddings, and it is a sincere privilege to be one of the few people at your wedding to witness and celebrate that moment with you. There is something so special about being with two people who deeply love each other, and who want the celebration to be about the two of them, nothing more, nothing less.

Your “marriage launch” deserves a lot more than an assembly line, one-size-fits-all, elopement ceremony! And folks, with the popularity of Colorado as a destination for elopements, there are so many cookie cutter offerings popping up out there. In some ways, I think elopement ceremonies deserve more attention than larger weddings…  I mean… this is it. You’re skipping the pomp and circumstance, you’re skipping the shenanigans and stress of a huge production…  so make your wedding day count.  Have your ceremony be as beautiful as it could possibly be.

Colorado Elopement Ceremony

Why work with an officiant for your elopement?

There are definitely folks out there who are well equipped to officiate their own weddings, and if that is you, you should definitely go for it. That being said, I have been told many stories about couples who think they don’t need an officiant, and then, at the moment of their elopement ceremony, they just don’t know what to do. They might ask the photographer, “What do we do now?” If you want to avoid that awkwardness, definitely use an officiant!

And… perhaps the most important reason to use an officiant (speaking for myself) is that you get a beautiful, authentic and meaningful ceremony. Just because you are not choosing to have a large wedding doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a ceremony that is just as heartfelt and reflective of who you are as a couple. When I work with couples for their Colorado elopements, I want their ceremony to feel transformational, magical, and memorable. It is my belief that your elopement needs to feel potent and special, and that you are left with the feeling that a threshold has just been crossed, whether or not your whole community is there with you.

Jen was the perfect ceremonialist for our elopement. In our phone and email conversations, as well our in-person meeting before the ceremony, Jen was welcoming, open, caring, and had a great sense of humor. She embraced our geek theme, and also made the wonderful suggestion to include the voices of our family. Jen was very flexible for our late winter (technically early spring) Rocky Mountain National Park elopement, and cheerily braved the weather not only during the ceremony, but also afterwards as she stayed (in the rain!) for our photographs. Jen communicates in a very timely manner, and cares just as much about your experience as a married couple as she did preparing for the big day. Jen crafted a personalized and magical ceremony for us, and I couldn’t imagine having selected anyone else. We happily give Jen our highest recommendation.

Colorado Elopement Offerings:

There are three types of elopement ceremonies / micro wedding ceremonies that I officiate:

Paperless Ceremony: This is for couples who want something super simple, and are not even looking for a pre-written ceremony. The gist is that I would create your elopement ceremony in the moment (backed by my years of experience facilitating ceremony.) It still feels like a special event, and you still have the feeling of crossing a threshold. We still create a strong “ceremonial space.” I might ask you some questions during the ceremony, so that you can get present to the love, the journey, and your commitment. We might schedule a short call with each other, just so I can hear a little bit about who you are and what you want, so I can make sure that the Paperless Ceremony has the right tone for you.

Simple & Beautiful: This is for the couples who still want to keep their elopement ceremony process simple, without sacrificing any beauty. I use a beautiful and heartfelt pre-written ceremony, and you come ready with your vows, or opt to use vows I suggest. You might send me some readings or poetry you’d like to include. You answer some questions via email, so I can get to know you, even just a bit. This is perfect for couples who know they want an officiant present for their elopement or small ceremony, but don’t need a deep pre-marriage process.

Custom & Beautiful: A custom elopement ceremony, created just for you. This is a chance to take a deep dive into your relationship, values and vision. Your elopement ceremony becomes a true reflection of the two of you, and we spend a lot of time getting to know one another in advance of your ceremony. It is a deep and rewarding process, for those who are looking to slow down the process and really get present to “what it’s all about.” And, just like the simpler ceremonies, we get to have fun! This option is also great for the elopements that include community, giving us all more time to spend together in ceremony. (Learn more about the custom process.)

Either way, when you work with me to officiate your elopement or small wedding ceremony, you can trust that I will guide and support the process, so that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. (Or experience that awkward feeling of “What do we do now?” at your ceremony.)

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to discuss your Colorado elopement ceremony.

Photos by Adventure Instead and Joe Pyle Photography.

Ceremonial Musings

Gratitude and grace cannot really be measured; nor can they be willed. Each requires that we be open and vulnerable. Grace is a kind of wonder that can fall upon us unexpectedly. Gratitude is like a desert flower that spontaneously blossoms from within us. The presence of either one can break the limits of time and open a moment or a life to wonder and wholeness. -Michael Meade