We got Rocky Mountain National Park’ed at this quintessential Colorado elopement ceremony, by the side of Sprague Lake.

At 4:30, it was sunny and warm. By ceremony’s start at 5pm, a storm blew in and it was cold and drizzly. No worries though, I just asked the couple to stand closer and closer and closer together.

I worked with them to create a short and sweet but customized elopement ceremony. I really want my couples to feel like the ceremony is theirs and theirs alone. These two were self described movie nerds, and the ceremony was peppered with quotes from their favorites: Star Wars & The Princess Bride.

It was a really beautiful and intimate moment, a perfect elopement ceremony made just for them…. So much love and laughter, and some tears to boot. May the force be with these two, always!

“With these blessings, by the power of your own words and declarations, held by the Force and the dream of Buttercup and Westley, I joyfully recognize you as wife and husband. Go on and kiss each other and make it official!”

Elopement Ceremony

Photos by Rayna McGinnis