It was a beautiful late summer day for an elopement in Boulder, Colorado. The couple chose Flagstaff Mountain for their nuptials, and I had a new elopement script I wanted to try.  (This couple did not want a custom ceremony, they preferred a simple process and a simple ceremony.)  I asked them to email me some information about themselves, and we had a lovely phone call. Through the call and their homework, I understood that what they valued most about their relationship was that is was authentic and honest.  I knew that the elopement script I had just finished — about the wisdom that love and relationship might bring to our lives — would be perfect for them.

At the start of a wedding ceremony, I always aim to help folks feel really grounded and centered, in spite of all the big feelings and anticipation.   There are often some nervous giggles when a couple is facing each other in ceremony for the first time!


We got through the giggles, and sank into the moment. The new elopement script is deeply grounding, calling attention to everything that is beautiful: the two of them, the opportunity to slow down for ceremony, their relationships with family, the harvest-tide earth and the breathtaking views. I always make sure that the elopement script feels personal and true to who they are…

Elopement in Boulder Colorado snippet:
“You two were the beneficiaries of some random but beautiful and life-changing good fortune. You met at a doggy daycare where you both worked and first bonded over your love of dogs and the outdoors. As friendship transformed into intimate relationship, you quickly realized how much fun you had together and how much you motivated each other to grow and be your best. You’ve shared that your biggest goal in your relationship is to never stop learning, growing, and trying new things that can bring you happiness. You both strongly believe that you are living for a greater purpose and that your soul’s journey involves learning, growing, and loving as much as you can. And you put a lot of intention in incorporating these beliefs into your daily lives.”


As significant as the moment was, we still got to have loads of fun. I made some odd and emphatic faces. We laughed, not because of nerves anymore, but from pure enjoyment of the moment. That’s why I work hard to help couples be present and grounded — so they can feel super comfortable and fully enjoy their ceremony, instead of getting swept up in the nervousness.  It’s why I invested in their relationship and learned what I could about them… I wanted them to feel like they were with an old friend, one who truly cared about them and their relationship. Truly, it was an incredible moment, filled with all the good vibes.

Jen is incredible, I’m so thankful we chose her as our officiant. We didn’t meet her in person until the day of our wedding, but you would have thought she was a long time friend with how warm and welcoming she is and how many personal touches she included in the ceremony. The ceremony far exceeded our expectations, it was beautiful!

If you have any questions or are curious about having an elopement in Boulder, Colorado — don’t hesitate to reach out!