All the wedding ceremonies that I have officiated have been truly beautiful and amazing — really, those are not empty words, each and every ceremony has its own unique magic. And… there was something about this particular wedding ceremony that still takes my breath away. (It didn’t hurt that they chose a Dao House Wedding Ceremony, in Allenspark, Colorado, with an amazing view of Longs Peak…)

I was in the midst of a traumatic family crisis, and I relished the opportunity to escape that for a little bit, and make something beautiful. I often tell people that I do this work because “Life can be really hard sometimes, we might as well make magic when we can.” This ceremony really brought that sentiment to life…

It had been a beautiful day, bright and sunny, right until the ceremony was about begin. You could see dark, tumultuous clouds building over Long’s Peak, right across from the Dao House, and they seemed to be headed straight for us. I joked that I would speak quickly, so as to avoid the impending storm. We all laughed when I gave thanks for the beautiful day, and I asked instead for us all to give thanks to the clouds that surely would pass us by. (Fingers crossed!)

Well, those clouds did circle right around us, still not sure how – the clouds were behind us at ceremony’s end, but never passed over us. Yes — veils were flying, clouds were brewing, and I daresay it felt a little witchy when the wind picked up just at the moment of pronouncing wife and husband (I still think the wind declared this couple to be married…) All of that combined made for a wondrous and magical wedding ceremony — co-created with the elements. And then the sun came out for perfect, post-ceremony photos!

I love that you can see two bridesmaids and a groomsman wiping away tears… 😉

colorado wedding ceremony


This moment, being with the groom as he watches his bride walk down the aisle…
colorado wedding officiant


All in all, an exquisite Dao House Wedding Ceremony.