She was born and raised in Colorado, he in Costa Rica. They are both bilingual, their love story spans two languages and two countries, and the wedding ceremony needed to reflect that. It was truly beautiful to flow between the two languages — not so much trying to translate each and every word, but simply ensuring that no matter what language one spoke, the ceremony would have meaning to all. A harmonious balance… There was a reading in Spanish, and a reading in English. They each spoke the exact same vows, but his were in Español and hers were in Inglés. As a special gift, the (mono-lingual) father of the groom received a fully translated copy of the ceremony (thanks mom!)

I have since found out that there are not a whole lot of officiants that can offer a bilingual wedding ceremony, and I am delighted my mother made the effort with me, so that I can offer these delightfully mixed up ceremonies.



bilingual wedding ceremony