Journey into Motherhood

Journey into Motherhood

Motherhood Coaching for Pregnancy

Sometimes, our modern medical system leaves a little to be desired when it comes to nurturing a future mother’s soul. While OB/GYNs and Nurse Midwives provide a lot of wonderful care as relates to checking the mother’s health and the growing baby’s health, those quick appointments can feel lacking. There’s not a lot time of time discuss hopes, fears, dreams… There’s obviously no discussion of the potency of the rite of passage into motherhood.

This is an offering that addresses what’s missing in our modern approach to childbirth. We get together monthly at first, and then weekly as you approach your due date. We create a sacred, ceremonial, and ritualistic space…. A space where you can feel comfortable sharing your hopes, your potent pregnancy dreams, and your fears. A space where we can explore this transformational time in your life, so that no matter how you choose to birth your baby, you feel conscious and present. We might create a space for ritual release, and ritual opening. We might create a space for journaling or art. We share herbal teas, well suited for pregnancy… I nurture you and your growing baby. Foot rubs might be included.

Most importantly, you get this time just for you, in a sacred setting… A circle of two (and a half!), as it were. If you feel as though you really want to deeply explore your journey into motherhood, then this an offering for you. Please contact me if you would like to talk more about creating a conscious journey into motherhood.

If we do not birth and die ritually, we will do so technologically, inscribing technocratic values in our very bones. It matters greatly not only that we birth and die, but HOW we birth and die. – Ronald Grimes