Sometimes I wish I could just be the official Rocky Mountain National Park Wedding Officiant. I mean… what an office! From the drive up to the park, to the gorgeous scenery of the park itself, it might be one of my favorite places for the quintessential Rocky Mountain elopement ceremony.

These two had a true elopement… although they started planning the day months in advance, they told no one in their inner circle about the time and place of their nuptials. They knew they wanted a ceremony for just the two of them, and they also knew they wanted a robust ceremonial feeling, and chose a custom Rocky Mountain elopement ceremony. Their ceremony took place at Sprague Lake, and they enjoyed a private procession for two as they made their way to the ceremony spot.

When there are no community witnesses (with all the emotion they often add,) I think it is extra important that the ceremony bring all the feelings: deeply reverential and connected moments…..

Rocky Mountain elopment ceremony

And a ton of laughter too! Like…. bowled over laughter. Our cheeks hurt after the ceremony.

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Rocky Mountain elopement ceremony

These two got their dream ceremony…. one that evoked loads of joy and meaning and connection.

A snippet from this Rocky Mountain elopement ceremony: “What is inspiring about your love and devotion is that is comes from this place of mystery and of participation. It comes from the mystery of algorithms that get it right, and it comes from a place of fully embracing the brilliant risk of co-creation, rather than running away from life and love because past hurts made you afraid. It could be that this all unfolded with such grace because you’re not teens experiencing love for the first time, and you both knew what you wanted from a partner and a relationship. It could be because you both had done a lot of healing and growing from the surprising end of long term relationships. Whatever the source of your well-met love, it is clear that the stars aligned quite perfectly. If E had hesitated in sending a message at all, the connection may not have been made. If C hadn’t refused to be a part of hook-up culture, the connection may not have been made. But the fates were smiling upon you, thanks be to Match, and all that was needed for this love to unfold was present.”

Words from the bride: “Jen was an amazing officiant for our private elopement. She was super easy to work with and knew exactly what questions to ask to write a custom ceremony that made it seem like she knew us for years. Everything about the ceremony was so “us”- it was perfect. Worth every penny”

Venue: Rocky Mountain National Park | Photos: Becky Young Photography