I have to say, I fell in love with these two pretty quickly. From our initial phone call, it was clear we were a fit, and I was delighted they chose me to officiate their Grand Lake elopement ceremony. While I always appreciate when I can get to know a couple in person, it’s equally wonderful that we can also create a sweet relationship from afar.

Grand Lake elopement ceremony

Our calls were full of laughter and I knew we’d have some good merriment when it came time for their Grand Lake elopement ceremony. Giggles, presence, love, and lots of fun. The ceremony had that just right balance of gravitas and lightheartedness.

Grand Lake elopement ceremony

They chose to have a custom elopement ceremony, so I created lots of time to hear their story, how they came to be, took copious notes, and wove that all into a really meaningful ceremony. It’s such a special feeling when it’s just me and the couple, and I try and hold the all roles: officiant, witness, family, friend, mama-bear….

Your adventure to this Rocky Mountain ceremony began with a simple swipe, and not so simple location catfishing. Holly, thank goodness you had a hugely wide swath of the country within which you were looking for, um, love…or you two might never have met.

It took a little while to get your first official date going, but, in spite of eating the wrong meal, “You ate my omelette,” this first date lasted three days. Eight months later, you were living in the same state, and finally, a year later, you were sharing a home. And although you both waited for the dreaded moving in together bad adjustment time – it never happened. Your shared life was amazing, right from the start.

And after I made the pronouncement of wife and wife, it was time for hugs.

Grand Lake elopement ceremony

Amazing photos by Jamie Fischer Photography. She was truly wonderful to work with, and together, we wove a lot of beauty around these brides. Even as Jamie was super focused on her work, it was delightful to hear her giggle and swoon during the ceremony.

What the brides have to say about their Grand Lake elopement ceremony:
We found Jen on Wedding Wire and based on reviews alone, we already suspected we would love her. We are from Texas, getting married in Colorado, so we weren’t sure how smooth the process would be or what the process even was. But even with being almost one thousand miles apart, she made it a stress-free experience. Through phone calls and emails we got to know each other and by the time our trip to Colorado came, we felt like we had known Jen for years. Her ceremony had us tearing up, laughing and reminding us to take in and remember the moment. What more can I say…the BEST.