Their original plan was a tiny destination elopement, just them and his two sons, in Allenspark, Colorado. By the time their Wild Basin Lodge wedding ceremony rolled around, a handful of family and friends had squirmed their way into an invite for a glorious long weekend celebration, and it turned out perfectly.

Wild Basin Lodge is a truly spectacular location for a wedding. This event center is family owned, and they seem to value uniqueness and quality custom care as much as I do. The lodge is rustic but elegant, feels remote but is easily accessible, has breathtaking views of Rocky Mountain National Park, and of their food, couples quite simply state, “amazing.”

Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Ceremony

This couple chose the meadow as the site for their ceremony. They escorted each other from the lodge to the meadow, making for a memorable stroll down the aisle. The walk down the aisle can symbolize our taking leave of all that has come before, the moment of separation from your life as it was. It was rather moving to see this couple take their promenade down nature’s aisle, hand in hand, with plenty of time for anticipation and grounded presence to build.

They had chosen a custom elopement ceremony, as their back story was rich, full of funny moments, challenges overcome and commitments made, and they wanted all of it reflected back to them during their ceremony.

“H and C, your story begins in the best way, with a smile. You worked together, and H says that when C smiled at her, she immediately wanted to know more about him. So she did what any rational person would do, she began stalking him through a co-worker, getting as much intel as she could.

Although your beginnings weren’t always easy, sometimes full of complexity and complications, you worked really hard at making this relationship successful. Today is not only a celebration of your commitment to each other, but a celebration of all you have accomplished so far. You made it. You did it. (You can high five if you want.)”

Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Ceremony

We laughed.

Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Ceremony

We cried.

Wild Basin Lodge Wedding Ceremony

We made beauty.

Here’s what the bride says about her custom ceremony: “Jen is one of my favorite people ever! She made our ceremony so special and memorable. She understood our needs and took our words to make it such an emotional ceremony that was just for us. Our wedding was everything and more. Jen was such an essential part of everything and I can’t thank her enough.”

These moments were captured exquisitely and magically by Becky Young Photography, who specializes in photographing elopements and intimate weddings. She’s another photographer who really gets the sacredness of these intimate weddings, and brings a heartfelt presence and witnessing to her work.