This coupled lives in Wisconsin, and all our work together was done over the phone. Their relationship began with a great adventure, and when they decided to marry, they knew their wedding would have to be full of adventure as well. Off to Colorado for a YMCA of the Rockies Wedding Ceremony! I met them in person on their way through Boulder just a few days before the ceremony and it was confirmed: we all deeply connected with each other in person, and this wedding was going to be wonderful.

I loved chilling with the groom, while he was waiting for the bride…
YMCA of the Rockies Wedding Ceremony

The spot was breathtaking — a gorgeous summer morning, looking out towards Rocky Mountain National Park. I facilitated a ring blessing: their rings were passed to each member of their community, who shared a one word blessing or wish with the couple. The bride and groom turned to face the crowd, with arms wrapped around each other, and had the gift of connecting with each and every member of their community during their ceremony. As they had chosen a custom wedding ceremony, I shared their story, much to delight of everyone present.

“Your love for each other has brought you from one mountain top to another, continuing the adventure that began for you when you first met. Even in your first meeting, your sense of adventure and openness to life was present: how else could a simple ½ hour business meeting turn into three hours of chatting about everything but business?

Closeness and connection happened swiftly for you, and you were not afraid to share yourselves honestly and authentically from the start: together you probed life’s deeper questions, you revealed yourselves fully and completely, and it didn’t take too long to find that you were falling in love.”

This is what you get with a YMCA of the Rockies wedding ceremony. One of my favorite locations… Truly a magical wedding ceremony, and totally unforgettable.
YMCA of the Rockies Wedding Ceremony

Photography: Joe Pyle Photography